{Friend with Friend}

{Forever friends are like diamonds, precious and rare}
Thank you for being my forever friend girl!

Love you monica!!



erik&juliekelly & Kendal

airport pictures

 {sweet kendal very oblivious to everything going on at 4am}

strapping things down-address on totes

last few pictures together for a while


grandpa’s garden he planted shortly before he passed away
He was so thrilled about this garden! Was so precious!


Rhoda & Dontae

I realized that my life IS busy when I run up to my attic/room, and see my unmadebed yet, at 8:30am! (yes, I have a habit of making my bed right away when I get up.)
{only I would start out an update like this!}

So where do I START?!
I will begin at the end of March! My brother Erik and sisternlaw Julie came for a visit. Was so sweet having them around for a few days! Always wish it was longer so we can fit everything in. But grateful for any little bit of time!!:) After our goodbye’s to them, I spent some last few days with Alvin and AnnMarie! Well…so the plans were that there was only a few days left until they left for Africa. BUT!….The Lord saw fit otherwise. They ended up switching their tickets again for the 18th of April. So we enjoyed spending a little more time with them.

On the 10th of April my (gramps) Benson passed away. I could say “amazingly” but I believe God had it all worked out that mom and I were already traveling down to visit him, and Grandma that day. Minutes before we arrived there, he went to be with Jesus. Was very grateful we were able to be there for Grandma. (it was also very helpful to myself, being there right after grandpa was gone. There’s something about just the reality of seeing his body, but knowing he is with JESUS, that helps me get through that loss.) The funeral plans were made for the 14th. I had forgotten that my A.C.T test was scheduled that morning for 7:45-12:00.  This sick feeling in my stomach overwhelmed me!! Thanks to my sweet Aunt Lois she was able to reschedule the funeral to 2:30 that day, so I could still make it! Those few days in between were a little overwhelming. I spent any free time I could find, in the scripture or praying! In the evenings I would often turn on scripture cd’s, to sleep by. It was SO helpful to me. Saturday morning came- test was taken with about 500 other kids. Immediately after I walked out of the school, my brother Kelly and I flew in my car, down to the funeral. (I was praying the police cars passing us wouldn’t notice our speed.) Praise the Lord we did make it in time!

On the 17th Alvin and AnnMarie and alvin’s brother Ben and his family and us, met up in sioux falls to celebrate my birthday, and spend the last few hrs with Alvin’s before they left the next day for Mosambique! It was very memorable! Seems like it was almost a dream. It went so fast! The next morning we were all up at 3am spending some time praying before taking Al & Ann to the airport. We stayed with them and watched them go through security…The last thing was seeing them standing by all their luggage on the other side of this glass wall with smiles…Shalomie waving goodbye, and Kendal sleeping soundly in AnnMarie’s carrier- Me? Well I was bawling. I didn’t realize exactly how hard it would be saying goodbye to them. Never before have I felt so far away from loved ones!

Well since that day I have felt like I am trying to get accustomed to normal life again!

Shockingly the gorgeous sunny weather decided to land on my days off! So I have been thoroughly enjoying it outside! Yesterday I was able to see my sweet friend Rhoda and handsome little boy Dontae! We had a WONDERFUL time even if it was only a few hours. You know you have a kindred spirit, when you don’t have to even hardly “catch up” on everything the last while. Just was such a blessing how our spirits just connected immediatley! Was very encouraged! Thank you Rho!

Last evening I finished priming one side of the house, (yeh, that’s still coming along. lol) Then- I took a nice long walk..(normal routine) with a sweet girl from church. Always feel so refreshed after a long day.

Seems like there’s still more to tell you! Probably forgot most of it since I find it extremly important to add details. Sorry I am not a good writer. Never have been! Sharing a few pictures below of all that has taken place. If you would like to have updates of alvin&annMarie just email me at farmgirl.sb@gmail.com I also can get you their mailing address as well.
You know I wouldn’t mind hearing from you! Feel free! It’s nice to know what y’all are up to out of SouthDakota ya know!:)

Psalm 93:1 “The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.”

With Jesus now!

Grandpa Benson went to be with the Lord yesterday afternoon.
Mom and I were already on our way to visit him- But minutes before arriving there he was with the Lord.
Amidst the tears that he isn’t with us anymore, I was telling my mom, how Grandpa must be there in heaven. The JOY!!:)
I am so grateful to have treasured memories with Grandpa. So blessed for his love for God, and his ministry not just in his church, but in his home too!